It was the ultimate motto to make the Orphan Mentally Handicapped children self-dependent and to give them their own identity in society. Ehsaas was established in the year 2006 Ms Urmila Ballal, the founder of the institution, started this institution with 7 students in her own house. It was not an easy task to begin such institution but strong will power and the moral support gave us the strength.
Finally, in the year 2008, the institution acquired a campus on rent basis, At/post-Valse,Tal/Dist-Satara. In this way, the journey at ‘Ehsaas, Institution for Mentally Handicapped children’ began. Today almost 52 students are seeking education and training in the institution.

Give Helping Hands For School...

All children at Ehsaas are Orphan & mentally handicapped.They come to us by court orders, We do not receive any help from government to run school, So We completely depend on your help

Speech Education

To reduce this talking disability some kinds devices are used via speech therapy this therapy is given under the guidance of experts for child’s to express their thinks and emotions they candle teach primarily as tongue exercise.


For their physical locomotion, they need guidance of physiotherapist therapist who takes exercise according to need this helps for collaborative locomotion of physical organs and joints.

Yoga Therepy

Improvement of brain power is low as compared do age along with low brain power. They control their physical motions. Such problem are seen in disable kids. To reduce such problem Yoga Therapy is essential.

Health Checkups

Mentally Handicapped Special Child needs more attention as they are unable to express their needs or if they are filling ill. With proper medication we also run health checkups for children so they will stey fit and progress well

Do your charity in Right Way...

We do not say pay money to us, Do direct FD on child's name or pay directly to stores and doctors where we buy or take services from...

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