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Journey to Spread Happiness & Joy
The institution is permanently unaided Govt. recognized institution. in this institute, all boys & girls are committed by the court. However, the intervention shoulders the responsibility of upbringing, education, and training of children without seeking any aid from Govt. only with the selfless realization to contribute towards society.

At the time  Court order The special children ( Mentally Handicapped ) To the institute. The  children are totally dependent on others for everything, ( Eg. Personal hygiene, brushing, teeth, bathing, wearing clothes, etc. ) But the employees – /staff members of the institution train them in all sort of self-reliance skills without any disgust or hesitation.

The children are educated in different sections as Pre-Vocational Annual Syllabus is designed considering. The mental ability of the child and final goal is set accordingly Mentally Handicapped children are provided with self-reliance skills, household /domestic skills. Involve the skills like making a doormat with coir, woolen handkerchiefs, paper bags, stocking flowers, best out of waste flowers, Farming, Nursery, etc.

Children facing the challenges as Mentally handicapped, Cerebral palsy, Autism, Mentally Handicapped, Down Syndrome, Physically Handicapped are also provided with the medical treatments as   Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Psychiatrists, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist along with special education and training as per their needs. The institution has to take hard efforts to provide all facilities to the students in order to make them self –dependent.

Our Mission:

  1. Make the children self-dependent and self-reliant.
  2. To educate and train the orphan mentally handicapped children.
  3. To rehabilitate the mentally Handicapped children.
  4. To establish small-scale industries. ( like farming, Nursery, Milk Production,  poultry etc.) For mentally Handicapped children.

Ehsaas Residential Special Care Center and Special School For Mentally handicapped is started at 2008. We have substantiated improved our services towards rehabilitating with satisfaction. the mentally retarded & multiple disabled with the sole aim of improving the living standard of the disabled as planned.

During the five years that ehsaas Residential Special Care Center and Special School has been operating we have perceived a great -and unmet – need in the community not only for free educational services for mentally retarded children but also for -time residential care facilities for special children.

The master plan of Ehsaas Residential Special Care Center and Special School proposes to have five blocks of buildings which include classrooms, a residential block, rooms for physiotherapy & occupational therapy, a health clinic, accommodation for residential staff, guest rooms & rooms to conduct training programmes for special educators.

Ehsaas is non-grantable & not payable residential  Residential Special Care Center and Special School for mentally handicapped (girls & boys) started in 2008 at valse village, Tal/Dis Satara. All students committed by the court. a student is introduced to the concept such as time color & train in dressing.

Personal hygienic eating & so on yoga, speech therapy & physiotherapy & provided according to the need for elder children who can cop, vocational tanning arranges executions and picnics. For the whole group provide opportunities to developed social behavior skills & learn to interact with out side world.

Ehsaas residential special school for boys & girls with mental disability trailer made program provide this student with basic skills and fundamentals concept that will help function as independently as possible on day by day basis.

The institution has clear-cut vision and plan for its future. The Scientifically designed special education program, medical intervention, parent education and community awareness programs.

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