Our Aim & Objective

  • To bring the Parents of All Mentally Challenged persons Of Satara Under One Association Of their Own to work for Care, Training And Treatment of Mentally Handicapped Being.
  • To Educate Train And Impart Vocational Training to the mentally handicappble Persons.
  • While To Provide Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Such As Psychiatry, behavior modification speech therapy, physio therapy and medical treatment etc.
  • To, Establish sheltered workshop respite care center ¬†& To Conduct Research and education ¬†programs in the field of mental retardation.
  • To Help mentally handicapped capable beings to lead normal life.
  • To help parents and other members of families of mentally handicapped in solving their problem.
  • To work with government and people.
  • To secure more help for mentally handicapped.
  • To Construct permanent building for our school vocational training center , Early Intervention Center and other related activities.
  • To Bring awareness in parents, public in accepting parents as the sole representatives of mentally handicapped as they cannot look after themselves
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