Physiotherapy is the treatment method with the help of medium of physical force.
Sometimes out the special child has metal disabilities along with physical disability. So that they face to problems in physical locomotion, talking, walking, etc. so for their casual physical locomotion, they need guidance of physiotherapist therapist who takes exercise according to need this helps for collaborative locomotion of physical organs and joints.
In this school physiotherapist visits every month who suggest exercise according to their need by checking them. Guidance on an exercise of practical demonstration provides to special teachers by experts. So that teachers able to take physiotherapy of this special child. Aims of treatment method are as follows :
1. To stop or reduce pains.
2. To enhance motions of joints.
3. To increase ability power of joints.
4. To enhance to help other activities.
By considering above aims and goals this Sanstha provides guidance of physiotherapist as follows :

children who are unable to walk now they are trying to walk with the help of the walker. Those who need help to walk now they try to walk on their own. Some child’s doesn’t control themselves who controls their walking neatly. A boy who unable to pull leg now trying to step up leg during a walk.

Cycles, therapy ball, BimBar, Balance Been Power Gripper, Fitness machine, a device for acupressure therapy, dum-bels Hand exercise etc.
Childs improves their walking behavior colaboratly due to physiotherapy.

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